Fuel Cash Register

Fuel Cash Register

  • Customer Turpak, Istanbul
  • Year 2014
  • Services Research, Concept Design, Industrial Design

Production Management

Due to its special design, Turpak TDR Cash Register can be easily installed to the kiosk or colon. The product has rust-resistant installation components. Moreover, all the plastic and metal parts of these components are convenient with the general outlook of fuel stations. The product adapts to all kinds of harsh outdoor conditions, such as hot or cold weather. As Arman Design, we have carried out the design and production management of this product.

Research Concept Design Industrial Design
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This cash register adapts to rainy or dusty climates as well. Its paper printer is noteworthy, since it reduces paper consumption by 50% compared to older printers. In general, this new generation printer respects the environment.

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